Wednesday, September 5, 2007

we are experiencing techmological differences.

someone, most likely my brother-in-law but also possibly my sister, has thrown away my toothbrush. and any other evidence of my existence that was once in the bathroom my sister and i have shared since we were children. and to rub it in, i walked into my bedroom to find a box of her excess toiletries. so now i can't brush my teeth but i'm sleeping in sephora's warehouse.

in short: i am in boston, i am agitated, i cannot make my camera work with m'puter, so i cannot fully describe the demolition derby until tomorrow. for now, i will sleep and dream not of cars bursting into flame, but of my sister waking to find her toothbrush, dirty and violated in her sink.

so here's a short review: everything. hate it right now. g'night!

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