Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"fuck"+wnyc+honey bunches of oats = HEAVEN ON EARTH

i know this has been posted everywhere today, but seeing as today was another downer for the 'tee, i thought i'd spread the love as watching this clip 15 times in a row is what kept me from hunting down my building manager and smashing his bong over his head (not that i've ever met him, but i might recognize him by his stench) (i just rewatched that s3 episode of buffy where oz can smell willow's "fear" and then finds her "having smoochies" with xander, and i put fear in quotes because you watch a show so many times and your thoughts can't not turn dirty, especially given the context of smoochies).

this clip is to me what that haitian weatherman clip was to the rest of the world. enjoy!

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