Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pt. 2 : nh, ma

[photo: didja ever notice that a honey bunches of oats box makes a good makeshift target? i sure did! fuck you, you delicious son of a bitch!]

[my father now refers to this breakfast treat as "honey bunches of lead."]

[also, i painted my nails black'n'badly so i'd stop biting them so much. and because i'm going to be mentally 14 until i die.]

the good part of forgetting to write this up until now? i also forget most of what happened, so consider the fat trimmed, baby!

as you might recall from when i started this travel summary 104 weeks ago, i came to nh just in time for ice out, which was sort of bittersweet in that i'm never really there for the ice except when it's just forming or on its way out. because i love to kayak around the lake's great island, but you're not really allowed on the island unless you live in one of the houses there, and i'm kind of dying to know what's in the middle, since from a kayak, you're really limited to the shore view. i know it's a small hill, but is there playground equipment on it? a mayan temple? the head and torch of the statue of liberty (i love you, dr zaius!)?

[photo: not the great island, or an island period, but still great.]

so, since nobody lives there in the winter (there's no bridge, and, as should be clear by now, the ice isn't always on your side for travel), i've always wanted to take advantage of the ice to walk over and check it out. alas, another year's passed where it was not to be. on the other hand, it was freakishly warm, so i got to tan on the dock with buzzo (who did not tan, but snoozed under a tree and woke up polkadotted with sap. oy) next to floating plates of tinkling slush. and to think that when i get back, i'll be in swimmin mode. oh my sweet new hampshire, what compells me to go. sigh.

also, see photo, i shot m'gun.

but other than that, i thrifted, worked out my summer work hours at the store, saw my few friends...i was going to mention this before in my discussion of danzig/casual male xl(ucifuge), but the powerhouse mall in west leb has a ladies clothing store called "daffodil," and a bigger ladies clothing store (ladies are bigger, not the store) next to it called "daffodil woman," which just seems odd to me. i went to that mall with my parents to eat at lui lui's, which is like an i-talian chili's but much less offensive to your intelligence and much more delicious to your mouth.

[photo: i am so cute and clumps of me smell pine fresh!]

somehow, i was reminded of a teacher at my high school named mrs. white (alas, as you'll see, i can't change her name) who worked in the health center (boarding schools don't have a nurse's office, they have a health center, which is the same thing, but bigger and licensed to distribute ritalin to those precious spoiled assholes who got bullshit prescriptions and made sport of snorting it in their dorm rooms).

right, so while mrs. white was running one of the sex and drugs classes that freshman had to take, teaching the class on womantimes, she got her womantimes, and in eponymous pants, no less. and the mood of the class, being comprised of 14-year-old girls, hovered somewhere between totally amused and extremely horrified.

and she got mad at one of my friends, who was her student but also her advisee (my school had student/teacher advisee groups, keep up), for not telling her what was happening. my parents and i were trying to figure out tactful ways one could've informed her she was bleeding her (namesake) pants, and the best we could come up with were:
-mrs red, i have a question? sorry, easy mistake.
-mrs white, are the red sox playing a home game? (in your pants?)
and, bringing it full circle,
-mrs white, are you trying to prove you're qualified to shop at daffodil woman?

then i went back to boston and we all began preparing for passover, which is like jewish thanksgiving, but with god, and in which those feasting play the native american-esque role.

so aside from the above explanation and a positive review of the meal and time spent with family and old friends i rarely get to see, there's not much to add about boston. i went walking with my mom in the magical woods behind the mall, and bought something at the gap for the first time since 8th grade (my one stop shop for kurt cobain-y stripy t-shirts!), and played tennis with my dad at harvard next to my favorite kind of harvard doubles game, balds vs. hair'ds.

but one cool thing was when i went with dad to pick my sister and her husband up at the airport, we had to wait in the new (well, new to me) cellphone lot at logan, which is right on the water. and even tho i lived in boston for my first 18 years, i'd never seen the city like, well, a tourist, essentially. it's pretty! and from a distance, you can't hear people screaming at you in their cars!

[photos: the stub end of the hub, southie from the sea/an accent by the ocean]

so i came back to LA, went to see tim & eric awesome tour, had fine cheese with friends at the getty, saw a preview of tr0p1c thund3r (get ready for "you only love me for my farts" to become the catchphrase of the summer) (also i'm afraid of universal people finding me over google and suing me for spoilering their catchphrase).

but then i got sick, then entered into several shitstorms, so i can't wait to navigate out of these choppy, fecal waters, first to sf next week, then all the way back to nh in june. ang and ashrita came to visit during the eye of the storm, which was a great boon to my sanity, but still. anchors aweigh, bitches. oh my sweet disposition, may you one day carry me home.

[this post is in memory of ryan adams' blog. shine on, you crazy (no really, literally, crazy) diamond.]

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