Thursday, August 23, 2007

the LadybiRdS record is at a store near you!

my plutonic [sic] wife, teeter sperber, is in a band called LadybiRdS (capital letters theirs), and their record, "regional community theater," came out on tuesday on creep records. teet's spent the last six months being one-half of a very compact publicity voltron, but i thought i'd do my part to pitch in.

if you do not know teet, she's spent years breaking her back for a zillion other bands, either by being their merch wench, or designing them custom totes, or booking them shows in a bowling alley, whatever, so it makes sense that she'd finally get some (well deserved) spotlight time for herself. also, i co-wrote the words for 4 songs on this record. just putting that out there.

in addition, i would like the record to sell in such numbers as to convince teet it's worth going on tour so i can join her and tyler (the band is also a voltron of 2) in a van and drive cross-country again but this time go to the parts of the northwest where they don't sell meth and also avoid wall drug. i can sort of drum, vaguely remember how to play piano-like instruments, lift heavy objects, eat chicken selects, and drive for long distances without having to pee. if that isn't the perfect resume, i don't know what is.

i know for certain that nyc residents can get a copy at kim's or the virgin megastore in union square, but for the rest of us, there's always amazon. and you can listen to samples here, but basically, if you like the postal service even a little bit, you will probably like this record. more importantly, if you like teeter even a little bit, you will certainly like this record. altho toby says, "This record is so sweet and poppy it makes the Postal Service sound like Merzbow," which i think is kind of awesome.

long story short, teeter's on a record that got released tuesday! fuck yeah! tell your friends! i will now return to my cave to crochet an air conditioner and generally toil in silence (save for listening to this record).

oh, and look at these, which i love, even tho i hate lol cats/dogs/politicians/whatever. but only after you buy the record. dammit.


Tobias said...

I'm just amused that the title references community theater, which is how I know Teeter.

I'm also a little scared that that was close to twenty years ago now. Admittedly, we were both really, really wee at the time.

sb said...

and now she's 110 on the cmj top 200-- when she hits number one, you can say you knew her when. or even, like, number 88, i'm still impressed.