Thursday, October 16, 2008

nh to ca: prelude

[image: not the most original jpg-du-jour, but i love it so.]

so why would i update this blog when it would take time away from skimming realclearpolitics? from watching the numbers shift on fivethirtyeight? from finishing crochet jobs while watching a tivo full of keith and rachel? this is what i've been doing for the past 2 months. i also went to the hopkinton demo derby, shot a .45 in the woods, and attended a family bake-off in new jersey, but mostly, i'm in an election coma. plus, i've already voted. i'm a cog in the lean, mean shaheen machine.

anyway, i'm already on my way back to CA, taking a break in indiana at my sister's house, and were i not so wiped out from a day of being her helper monkey/sweating through the last hour of the red sox game, i'd wrap-up the first leg of this current journey. the sad thing tho is that, after 4 back'n'forths, this trip's starting to feel like it ain't no thang. add to that my utter ambivalence about to returning to LA and i'd still rather read politico than spend time writing about my day in buffalo.

LA, for me, is like high school-- i know i have to go, and that it will help me go on to better things, but that doesn't meant it isn't a near-daily shit sandwich. right before the tolls on 90 between ohio and indiana, i was fiddling with the radio and stopped on twisted sister's "we're not gonna take it," because a, i was tired and wanting something amusing, and b, it was the only station i could find that wasn't playing some variation on jesus' current #1 jam. so i'm listening to this song, and i pull up to the toll (i have no ez pass since there are no tolls once you cross the mississip', where i do the majority of my driving), and the toll i chose suddenly stops moving. i'm just sitting there in the rain behind 2 other suckers so we can pay six dollars for the pleasure of entering the homestate of dan quayle.

and i just start laughing because dee snider is full of shit, because *all i fucking do is take it, everyday, all the time.* i am in my car, stuck waiting for a toll-collector to come back from the shitter, driving back to the national epicenter of taking it. i don't know anyone right now who isn't taking it at this point, most of them in every hole. which certain puts the ubiquitous nature of jesus jams in context.

anyway, i'm mixing shit up on this trip, going diagonal from here to san francisco so i can cross a couple more states off my list before hand delivering the issue of us weekly i bought today at the supermarket to my friend sam when we have dinner in oakland so she can include it in bibliography of her dissertation. so NH thru OH will come sometime before monday. for now, crooksandliars calls. tomorrow, game 6. at least if the red sox take it all, that won't be so bad. groan.

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