Thursday, November 29, 2007

mini mini review haiku: thanksgiving in four parts/project rungay

thanksgiving in hollywood I:
feasted at erin's
she knows many she-actors
no shit, they ate, too!

thanksgiving in hollywood II:
one of the roommates
won much cash on singing bee
thanks, joey fat one!

thanksgiving in hollywood III:
temptation island girl
gave teet a lapdance post-meal
teet texted for help!

thanksgiving in hollywood IV:
garlic mashed with cheese
i was beached, couldn't help teet
tofurkey and crotch!

[teeter worried that these haikus were mean, but really, just jokes, i had a lovely time-- erin and her roommates (who were so nice i didn't believe they were actors 'cept that they were unreal pretty) were gracious hosts who didn't make us lift a finger, and the food was delicious, and the bud light flowed free and easy, and as such, i'm sure the temptation island lady does not remember giving teet a lap massage, and if she does, i think she'd sooner laugh it off than die of shame-- she was on temptation island! twice!-- but whatever, just to be clear, i am grateful to erin n'roommates for their kindness, and it was funny to watch teet get danced on, and thanks to all, and to all a good night.]

whatever, teeter's here, which means we spend all day fucking around in search of food and then all night complaining about how much our stomachs hurt while watching project runway. can you believe that ricky is still on that fucking show? he should get the dq for his hats alone-- if he showed up next week wearing a pink plastic fireman's helmet, i wouldn't be surprised.

and is this not the gayest project runway of all time? jack has hiv? does that mean christian has a meth problem? or that chris is adopting a child with his partner? or maybe chris is just pregnant. dude doesn't make it work, he makes it supersized. he doesn't shop at mood, he shops at food. seriously, i could do this all day. except i can't, because ironically, i'll be busy eating. as always, carry on.

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