Sunday, October 7, 2007

mini review: friday night lights

FYI: it was reported in the LA times last week that warner bros has officially decided to stop making movies with female leads. this is odd, considering they made "the brave one," and also because it's COMPLETELY RETARDED.

i know boycotts are often ridiculous and futile when it comes to this sort of thing, especially since i am posting this via time warner cable, but my small gesture is not going to see michael clayton (which stars a-- no-- the man, george clooney). and posting this here.

*friday night lights
i couldn't watch this show past the pilot when it came on last year, because a, it had a lot of football, and i really don't know shit about football aside from the fact that touchdowns are good, high school football players in towns where football is king are generally the biggest dbags you'll ever meet, and the biggest football player at my prep school where football was far from king (hockey was, of course!) insisted on going through finals week (in january, in new england) wearing a shirt slit down the sides that made him look like a perp on cops, and b, in the 44 minutes of actual show, there were two large, public prayer sessions to the big JC, and i know that happens a lot in almost every state that doesn't touch the ocean, but that's a reason why jews like the salty air.

what's weird tho is that the pilot of this show isn't so representative of the series itself, at least in the chunk of s1 episodes i saw on the bravo FNL-athon in m'tivo. i've seen 6 plus episodes, none of which contain actual football or a public shout out to god jr. just some interesting scenes from a marriage, some very realistic teen performances, and murderball featuring lucien from "undeclared." i don't know why they'd put a pilot out there that's so misleading about the show's content on such a basic, elemental level, but there's a lot about tv i don't understand. like, how the actor who played a goofy cad on chicago hope is now a producer/auteur. if you consider this or the kingdom "aut."

i still have trouble caring about football, especially since the show's set in texas where football is everything and i know that if i had to live in a town remotely like that i would have hated those fuckers for getting a $3k camera from their booster club while the drama department couldn't afford a stage. but i don't have trouble caring about a lot of the people on this show, at least in as much as i care about characters on a tv show i barely watch. so as long as i can ignore the football crap, i think i have a new season's pass. that is, after all, what what jesus would do.

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